Profile bending

Formes Alu Toulouse

The Custom Bending Offer :

Highly qualified in the bending of aluminium profiles, the know-how of the company Formes Alu also allows the bending of steel, copper, brass and stainless steel.
Whether they are « classic » or with thermal break, tubular or not, whatever their shape or thickness (circular shapes, ogive, basket handle, triangle, pentagon, half moon…).

Formes Alu ensures the bending of any range of profiles.
Moreover, it offers the manufacture of curved joinery with minimum radii of 250 mm for fixed, and 300 mm for opening and sliding curved.

This mastery of curves allows multiple applications in contemporary architecture as well as in renovation.

Formes Alu
A unique experience and know-how. The bending of metal profiles.

Highly qualified in the bending of metal profiles, aluminium represents the main part of the alu-form activity, but its know-how and technical progress allow it to be applied to steel, copper, brass, stainless steel and other metals.

Aluminium Bending
What could be more pleasing to the eye, for a facade, for an interior decoration, than graceful curves that the eye follows with pleasure?
The bending of aluminum profiles is certainly, for most companies, one of the most difficult problems to solve correctly. For this reason, bending has long been kept at a craftsman’s level.

From now on, the company formes-alu has the means, the technicality and the will to bring you its competences in this field.
Formes Alu ensures the bending of any range of profiles, whether they are « classic » or with thermal break, whether they are tubular or not, whatever their shape or thickness (circular shapes, ogives, basket handle, ellipse…).
The bending of all the profiles is carried out cold, avoiding any alteration of structure or surface condition.

This mastery of curves allows multiple applications, both in contemporary architecture and in renovation.
In the same way, designers are not held back in their creative impulses, whether in interior design, street furniture, etc…

In addition to its technical qualifications, formes-alu wants to satisfy its customers by scrupulously respecting precise deadlines.

Orders, depending on their size or complexity, are executed between 2 and 5 weeks;
deliveries, thanks to a special agreement with a carrier, within 24 hours in France in the majority of departments, and within 48 hours for the others.

Formes Alu answers within 24 or 48 hours to all your studies. Its Technical Services will guide you towards the best choice in your range of profiles.
Phone: 05 62 20 13 13
For more technical information please contact us for:

Realization of bending of extruded or folded profiles, for all the major brands of « ranges » present on the market.
Bending of profiles specially created by our customers or by our company for specific applications.
Bending of special shapes in one or both planes, deburring.
Bending for building, decoration, interior and urban furniture, marine, aeronautics and other industrial applications.
Taking care of complementary finishing operations: machining finishing, marking, surface treatment.
All this work with the same guarantee of quality and compliance with AFNOR, ISO and AFAQ standards.