Our Commitments – Our Assets

Formes Alu

works according to the CDS objective (Customer – Deadline – Service)
Experience in Custom Bending since 1982

  • Flexibility of a company on a human scale and rigor of professionals
  • Contact and listening with specialists mastering the carpentry and the requirements of the building sites.
  • Integrated design office: personalized study of each request, technical advice for optimization.
  • Guarantee of quality and compliance with standards
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Rigorous packaging
  • Delivery on the whole France


Doors and Windows
Sliding frames and partitions
Walls and curtains
Gates and Railings
Additional service: tube bending, tube rolling


French doors and windows, tilt-and-turn, French windows and doors
Entrance doors
Single sliding
Curved sliding door
New and Renovation