Formes-Alu is highly qualified in complex metal section curving. Aluminium represents its main production but its know-how and technical progresses allow to use bending of steel - copper - brass - stainless steel and other metals.

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What's more pleasing to the eye ?
What's more flattering for a façade a front panel or an interior decoration than gracious curbs that the eye can follow with pleasure ?
Rare are the examples when the designer's wishes have not been frustrated by the maker's gaps.
For most companies curving of aluminium sections is certainly the most difficult problem to solve accurately. So they tend to avoid it and very often they turn it down. So for a long time curving has been freezed to a small scale production.


Formes-Alu has the means and the technical skills and the will to bring you its expertise in this field.

Formes-Alu provides bending of any metal sections range, would it be standard or with a break in the thermic link or tubular or of whatever forms and thickness. Bending aluminium is not only to succeed in making circular shapes but also ogival and ellipsoidal ones or basket-handle arch.

This control over the curves allows utilizations for contemporary architecture as well as for renovation.

Designer's creative outbursts are not restrained would it be for interior or exterior decoration or urban stands.

We process by cold bending because it avoids any deterioration of the structure or of the surface. Formes-Alu is very keen on its clients' satisfaction and therefore scrupulously respects the lead time.

Orders are executed within 2 and 5 weeks depending on their complexity and/or their size, deliveries within 24 hours in most places in France or else within 48 hours.

But first of all your projects are examined within 2 days. Our research department will advise you for the best choice of metal sections range.

ASK for more information about :

- Extrated or folded metal sections from the main brand existing,

- Curving of metal sections especially created by our customers or by ourselves for specific use,

- Curving of special shapes on one plane or both planes - cutting up.

- Curving for construction - renovation - furniture - urban stands - Navy - Aeronautics and other industrial use.

We take care of the finish touches : machining perfection - marking - surfacing... and with the same guarantee of QUALITY we conform to AFNOR - ISO and AFAQ standards.



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A unique Expertise and Know-How.
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Metal sections curving.

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An instant answer to your curving problem Everywhere in France and abroad...


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