In 1982 Michel ZAGO started his own company : FORMES-ALU and since then he has been exploiting patents and a know-how acquired from practice and personal research.


Formes-Alu is a 40 000 Euros shares company that is specialized in complex metal section CURVING. From the beginning Formes-alu has been working on a nation-wide range and wanted definitely to expand the scope of its operations. Highly technical and with a sharp QUALITY policy, Formes-Alu soon began to export its services and gained more clients in France and abroad.

New on the market, applications are found every day for this product .

But QUALITY more than quantity remains the basic motivation to make a company's reputation.

Today a team of about 20 highly qualified employees follow the path towards top of the range products and services.

With licenced representatives, Formes-Alu is also present in Spain - Portugal - Belgium - Great Britain - Saudi Arabia - China and Asia. For more information please contact us.

To expand new licences to South America and to the U.S. please contact us.

Centre Commercial de gros
Avenue de Larrieu 31 094 TOULOUSE Cedex 1 FRANCE
Phone : (33) 5 62 20 13 13
Fax: (33) 5 62 20 14 37
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